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The Extent Of Penner’S Role In Passport Scandal

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Dean Barrow

Another burning question was the extent of Penner’s role in the passport scandal. Evidence suggests that he was right in the middle of it. Indeed, the PM was sufficiently convinced of his complicity to sack him immediately. But how thin is the line between wrong and criminal? The Prime Minister had previously suggested that Penner did nothing criminal. Today, he took a different position stating that any music to be faced by Penner will be determined by the investigations currently ongoing.


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“When I was asked a question by a reporter as to whether Penner’s signature on the passport picture—and presumably his signature on the recommendation form—did not constitute a criminal offence. I was very clear in my answer that it did not. Somehow that eventually was retained as meaning that I was suggesting that Penner ought not to be investigated by authorities. I never said that sir. At one point, it even appeared as though the media was prepared to suggest that I would intervene to stop any investigation. I never said that sir and anybody who knows me will know that I would never do any such thing. Indeed it turns out that my view as to the absence of any legal evidence of a crime in so far as merely the signature on a form and on a passport was concerned, certainly did not stop the director of the FIU from launching an investigation. Even as I was having that exchange with a reporter, it turned out that the FIU had already launched an investigation.”

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