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Belizean Creole Proverbs And Idioms With English Translation

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Let sleeping dogs lie.

This list of Belizean proverbs was shared with me by a lady from Bullet Tree, Cayo, Belize. I have heard many of them before especially, "emty crocus bag kant stan up", which I was constantly told by my work colleague after missing breakfast.

1. Emty crocus bag kant stan up
Meaning: when you are extremely hungry u cannot work

2. Blood tika dan wata but wata tase betta.
Meaning: Sometimes interacting with friends or strangers is less stressful than interacting with problematic or difficult relatives.



3. Plantain no eat like rice
Meaning: During hard times,one eats what is available even if it's not what one wants or is accustomed to.

4. Dat one cut like panya machete.
Meaning: a person may seem duplicitious,a one gathering may take a certain stand , make certain statements or share a particular opinion, then contradicts or disclaims them when in another gathering.

5. No stap ah donki weh yo no own
Meaning: Mind your own business!

6. A lia is fugetful
Meaning: A dishonest person can't remember to be consistent.

7. Yo borro moni, ih mek enemi.
Meaning: Lend money to a friend, and he'll become an enemy.

8. If yo no chek di wata, no teck off yo shoe
Meaning: Look before you leap.

9. Yuh gat yuh han eena tiga mouth
Meaning: You are involving yourself in something dangerous

10. Every daag have eh day
Meaning: That whatever goes around comes right  back, so your actions are
very valuable be careful what you say because sometimes it comes right back
at you.

11. U di deh di gren lik chesnat kat
Meaning: You looking guilty of something.

12. Yu coulda lie suga outta bun.
Meaning: You can tell alot of lies.

13. If dah no so, dah naily so.
Meaning: If it's not all the way true it's almost close to the truth.

14. Sorry fi marger dawg, marger dawg tun round bite yu.
Meaning: If you sympathize with someone, or you give them a help, they do not appreciate the kindness, instead, they become your enemy.

15. Wha happen, stick bruk eena yu ears?
Meaning: Are you hard of hearing or did you hear what I said?

16. Yu blade a wonda if you bade.
Meaning: You're dressed up but did you take a bath?

17. Cut da rope shaut.
Meaning: Don't take so long on the tiolet.

18. Put two a deh enna wha bag a we wa si who wa come out fus.
Meaning: Put two people with the same personality together to see who is more determined to get ahead.

19. Cut da lang bench shaut.
Meaning: Put an end to the long conversation.

20. If yo no listen, yo a've fu feel.
Meaning: If you don't heed good advice you will get hurt.

21. Yo giv weh yo ass ahn shit chu yo ribs
Meaning: People who give away too much and is left with little.

22. Yo act like yo have chinch ina yo ass..
Meaning: This was used to describe very active children that could not stay in one position for a very long time. It accused them of having bed bugs biting them so they could not keep still.

23. Yo bawn wit gold spoon ina yo mouth.
Meaning: You were born to a family that is more financially fortunate that others.

24. Todey fe mi, tomorrow fe you.
Meaning: Your day is today but sooner or later my day is coming.

25. U deh deh di baffu ah cahn gamma!!!
Meaning: Trying to accomplish something but can't get it done.

26. Croffie di ahn, de run da fya but run fra rain!!
Meaning: Some people are giddy.

27. Adam Bantan wipe e ass befo e sh*t.
Meaning: Don't get too ahead of yourself. (Like counting chickens before they hatch)

28. Weh me ers no hare me ass no count
Meaning: I have to hear it to believe it.

29. Man whe sh*t da pass no rememba, da who daab eena it.
Meaning: Someone who does something bad don't always remember what they did; it's the person who it affects

30. Yu si mi crass!
Meaning: You see the tribulations you're putting me through (Like Jesus on the cross)

31. Fun bring bun.
Meaning: when you play around alot your going to get hurt

32. Aze haud pickney always feel.
situation where they get hurt or in trouble.

33. No count yu chicken befoe deh hatch.
Meaning: Don't count as certain what has not yet occured.

34. No cry ova spill milk.
Meaning: Don't worry about things that already happened.

35. Yo hang witt di daug yo ketch di fleas.
Meaning: You hang around bad company, you'll get into trouble.

36. If e nuh bun, e nuh dunn.
Meaning: If the food isn't well cook, it's not finished.

37. Di dauka di berry, di sweeta di juice.
Meaning: Comes from the notion that blacks are better in bed.

38.E tauk big, but e sh*t small.
Meaning: His mouth is big, but he can't back it up.

39. Leev sleepin daugs alone.
Meaning: Leave things not messing with you alone.

Leev sleepin daugs alone

40. Tenk Gaad fu me mout no eena dis.
Meaning: Thank God I'm not involved in this argument. (Neil)

41. Si mi an live wit mi da tue difrant ting.
Meaning: Not yet ready for a commitment.

42. Di sae ting weh sweet yu wahn sowa yu.
Meaning: What makes you happy can make you sad.

43. Man aada monki, monki aada e tail.
Meaning: A person given orders pass it on to someone else.

44. Fishaman nevva seh e fish stink.
Meaning: A person will never talk bad about his family or self.

Fisherman nevva seh e fish stink

45. One day bellyfull fatten maga daug.
Meaning: Eat everything in one day and don't think about the next day.

46. Yu Deh ride wahn high haas!
Meaning: Your attitude is demeaning.

47. Yu gat to much a weh di kat lick e battam wit!.
Meaning: You have too much tongue (smart mouth).

48. Hass laze fu bac y grass wahn stauv.
Meaning: If you don't work you won't eat.

49. Neva drap di bone fi ketch di shadow.
Meaning: Stay satisfied with what you have.

50. Yu wahn get am wen fowl gat teet.
Meaning: You'll never get it.

51. Mout seh anyting !!
Meaning: You talk too much! (Big mouth)

52. Greedy choke puppi.
Meaning: Being greedy can get you into trouble.

53. No put mout pan it.
Meaning: Don't talk about bad luck or it might actually happen.

54. When pickni waan cry you only look pan dem an e cry.
Meaning: Refers to people who complain about everything.

55. Deh close like batty an chemba pat.
Meaning: Very close friends.

56. Scarnful daug eat dutty puddin.
When a finnicky person unknowningly eats something dirty.

57. Nuh heng yu hat higher dan yu can reach.
Meaning: Don't spend more than you could afford.

58. Mek yu slef floclath an pipple wahn wipe dehn foot pahn yu.
Meaning: People will exploit your weakness.

59. Me han no jine chuch.
Meaning: A good person will defend himself no matter what.

60. Yu noh know di use ah di wata til di well run dry..
Meaning: You don't know a what you have until its gone.

61. Dah fool de talk but dah no fool de lissen.
Meaning: The smart person is the one who listens well.

62. Wen chikin merry, hawk ketch an befo daylite.
When a chicken is merry, a hawk will soon devour him before day light.
Meaning: Your joy may be short-lived if you are too careless.


By Andrea Cruz

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